About Us

More than two years ago, Kristen Short Bennett, SR/WA and Dave Arnold, Esq., SR/WA created a podcast dedicated to right of way acquisition, eminent domain, the Uniform Relocation Act and infrastructure development.  Their goal was to provide a resource that was educational, informative, and entertaining for right of way professionals.  In August of 2020, they launched The Pendulum Land Podcast. 

About a year later, The Pendulum Land Podcast was rebranded as “Infrastructure Junkies!”  As they continued to refine and evolve the  Infrastructure Junkies! podcast, Kristen and Dave recognized that their podcast was a great starting point to create a broader platform to better serve the right of way / eminent domain / uniform relocation act community.  While the podcast was a great resource for the industry, they wanted to provide a broader and better foundation in order to provide more resources and a better voice for this community of professionals.

Welcome to the Infrastructure Junkies website.  We are glad that you are here.