Thank you to our previous sponsors:

Sponsorship of one or more Infrastructure Junkies! episodes is available to qualified companies. 

The Infrastructure Junkies! podcast is a “niche” podcast created “by right of way professionals, for right of way professionals.”  As such, virtually every listener is a right of way professional, and more importantly, a client or potential client.  Our audience represents high quality listeners for guests and sponsors.

Guests and sponsors of IJ enjoy a valuable opportunity to demonstrate mastery of their trade and thought leadership within the right of way industry to a very engaged audience.  Each episode is essentially an entertaining infomercial about the topic and the guests who are discussing that topic.  Best of all, a podcast is a “time shifted medium”, which means new listeners find the content on a regular basis, no matter how long ago it was released. 

Professionals often pay exorbitant fees to media companies to produce ads or infomercials for marketing purposes.  This podcast is an opportunity to create a professional, yet entertaining podcast which can be embedded on your company website or your digital bio for clients and potential clients to hear whenever they visit.  And each episode is searchable on Google.

Exclusive sponsorship of an episode includes:

  • Host read, custom written “mid-roll” ad of 40-60 seconds
  • Host read, custom written “pre-roll” ad of up to 20 seconds
  • Sponsor representative may record 15 second “post roll” (this
  • includes script provided by IJ and a personalized, lighthearted message from the Sponsor) OR receive a special mention in the “post-roll”
  • Sponsor’s website linked in episode show notes
  • Sponsor’s logo and link to its website featured on Infrastructurejunkies.com for the season
  • Sponsor mentioned on social media promotion of episode (from LinkedIn and Twitter accounts of Infrastructure Junkies, Kristen Short Bennett and David Arnold)